My first blog entry! Woohoo! 💃🏼  I’ve been thinking about starting this for quite some time already and I finally taken the plunge. So here we go! Since this is my first entry, why don’t I start with me! Not to sound like a total narcissist but I think it’s important that you know stuff about me coz if we’re in this beauty/skincare journey together, we’d better be on the same page.

First, according to the ladies over at MAC, I’m an NC/NW20 — there’s still some debate about that. I usually go for cushion shades in 21 unless they oxidize on me (looking at you Laneige) then I’d go with a 13. I’d like to think I’m cool-toned but I might be a neutral.

Second, I have oily skin and living in a tropical country (hello freckles and sun spots) like the Philippines is a pain. Acne prone too and let’s not forget, there’s also hormonal acne. And with acne, comes acne scars, blemishes, and PIH (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation).

So my ultimate skin goal is to clear my skin of these, keep acne under control, and leave the house with just my morning routine and sunscreen on!



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