Exfoliation and the Farm Stay All-in-One Whitening Peeling Gel

Exfoliation is one of those important things we should be doing regularly if we want healthy skin. Why? Because our skin’s process of cell regeneration slows down as we age meaning the shedding of skin cells is slower and with this slow down, there is also slower generation of new skin cells. When these old skin cells accumulate, it leaves us with rough, dry, and dull looking skin. This can also lead to clogged pores and excess oil on our face and we all know what that leads to — acne and blemishes.  Enter exfoliation. This process removes the dead skin cells and to make way for the new ones. With the new cells, our skincare products penetrate our skin better thus making them more effective! It would be a shame if we were spending so much on skincare and our skin isn’t at its best to absorb all the goodness.

But please note that we’re not supposed to exfoliate every day because that would irritate our skin (at least in my experience). I try to exfoliate twice a week to loosen those dead skin cells.

Do you remember the St.Ives Apricot Scrub that everyone was raving about back then?


I confess, I was one of those who purchased tubs and tubes of this and scrubbed my skin to death. Little did I know that I was doing more harm than good (well at least for me).

It was only when I got into skincare, Asian Beauty to be specific, that I discovered gentler exfoliating products. The first full sized product I tried was Cure, a Japanese brand, and I loved it! I didn’t love the price though. Next one was the Holika Holika Egg Skin Peeling Gel and it was ok. I’ve tried some others from my sample stash but the next full sized product I purchased is this: the Farm Stay All-in-One Whitening Peeling Gel.


Purchased at Pure Beauty for Php 500

This comes in 2 fragrances — Apple and Kiwi. As you can see, I went with the latter. According to the box, the kiwi extract in it moisturizes the skin and looking at the ingredients list, it contains niacinamide (another love of mine) which brightens the skin.


The Product

It comes in a tube type packaging that contains 180ml product. The tube comes sealed so before you squeeze away, unscrew the cap and remove the foil seal.


When you squeeze out the product, it comes out as a translucent gel that smells just like kiwi! Get some and apply it on your just washed and dried face and rub in circular motions for about 2-3 minutes. The product will immediately start pilling and it will get slightly watery.


Then you rinse your face with water and pat dry! Voila! Done! Smoother and brighter skin!


Would I repurchase? Not yet. I still have A LOT and I would like to try other brands first but this is definitely a good choice for now.


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