Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

One of my favorite ingredients in the skincare world is Vitamin C. Add that to a sheet mask and what do you have? Love. Or is it?

Vitamin C is known for its brightening and anti-aging effects and in my experience using products with Vit C, it delivers on its promise. So when I recently had a craving for extra brightening in my routine, I pulled out my sheetmask and masked the night away!

According to Wishtrend, this sheet mask is recommended to be used in conjunction with their Vitamin C serum and their a Maximizing Cream (which I will review later on as I am still in the testing phases).


As you can see on the packaging, this is an anti-oxidant mask containing 21.5% natural vitamin complex extracted from all-natural Hippophae Rhamnoides water and Boseong Green Tea Water, designed to improve skin tone and prevent oxidation of the ampule while replenishing hydration for an enhanced effect. It’s got 11% Vitcmain C and 10.5% Vitamin E and who doesn’t want that on their face???


Like with other sheet masks, this one has 23g of essence in it and is made of a cotton type mask. But unlike other masks, this one is softer and more cloth-like.


I kept it on my face for about 50 minutes. It stayed on for that long coz I squeezed some of it out as I was pulling it out of the packet and when it was drying up already, poured the essence back on my face (and mask) and continued masking. It’s a good thing I squeezed some of it out coz that mask was dripping on my neck during the first 10 minutes! Of course I don’t want to let a good product go to waste so I slathered the drippy essence on my neck, elbows, and even my heels! I hate masks that are drippy. I like my essence on my face but I had to let this one slide because when I took out the mask, my face was definitely brighter and much more hydrated too! Once I let the rest of the essence absorb, my face dried to a semi-shiny finish and I felt like the serum I used beforehand got really absorbed (or was it just effective marketing convincing me?) Either way, pretty happy with this mask and its after effects.

Will I repurchase? Yes especially if they were on sale but until then, I have other brightening masks in my stash I need to go through before they expire on me.


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