I’m From Honey Mask

The brand I’m From just exploded out of nowhere this year (or maybe last year?) and all of a sudden, their products were on everyone‘s skincare routines! So of course, little miss low EQ HAD to have her Honey Mask!


So I went over to Wishtrend‘s site and ordered one for me and counted the days until I received my order. And when my order came, the timing could not have been more perfect because I had just gotten a peel from my dermatologist so my skin was drier than usual and needed to be soothed ASAP.

The site recommends this to:

  • Those that experience dryness after washing the face.
  • Those who deal with streaky, cakey makeup due to dry skin.
  • Those looking for a gentle exfoliating experience.
  • Those hoping to soothe irritated skin.
  • Those struggling with a dull skin tone.
  • Those lacking elasticity in their skin.

Dryness after washing? Check. Gentle exfoliation? Check. Dull skin tone? Check. Lacking elasticity? Check. 4 out of 6 (on a normal day) is enough to justify my purchase. 6 out of 6 if you count me dealing with streaky, cakey makeup due to dry skin and the need to soothe my just chemically peeled face.


It comes in a sealed glass jar with 120g of product — which is great because I hate packaging that doesn’t prevent spilling.  You’ll never know how your orders are handled while in transit. And look, it even comes with its own plastic spreader thingy. Wishtrend also offers a silicone brush to go with this for an additional $2 and I regret not getting it to be honest. I watched Gothamista’s review of this product vs Farmacy Honey Potion and Renee said the brush is perfect for the contours of your face! So if you’re planning to get this, get the brush.


One side of the box shows the listing of the ingredients. As you can see, this mask contains 38.7% honey extract (meaning 46g out of the 120g is natural honey!), propolis, shea butter, macadamia oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe, grapefruit, and even snail filtrate! What’s not to love right?


Looking at the other side of the box, it shows the directions and at the bottom of the box, lets you know that the product contains no harmful additives! Good job I’m From!


Opening up the jar, this delicious caramel looking sight greeted me. I mixed it prior to application because it kinda looked like it was about to separate.


all mixed up honey goodness 😍

Like any wash off mask, this is thick BUT unlike the others, this is not so thick that it doesn’t move. If you tilt the jar a bit, you can see that it will move around.

So anyhoo, as soon as I got my order, I immediately washed my face and started spreading! Waited 45 minutes then rinsed it off. It did not dry up or harden or develop a film on my face. After washing this off, my face did not feel dry. It felt like I just applied moisturizer because it left a film but don’t worry oily skinned friends, the slightly sticky residue goes away as you continue with your routine.


I use this mostly at night because it’s summer and I’m no longer peeling. I also like having the luxury of time to let this sit on my face for an hour. I apply it after double cleansing and once the hour is up, I proceed with the rest of my routine. I don’t use it every night though. Only when I feel like my face

My skin was so soft and felt really hydrated and nourished! The mask smells wonderful too! BUUUUT just coz it’s mostly made of honey, smells like honey, doesn’t mean it’ll taste like honey too. IT DOESN’T. Not. At. All.

Complaints? Yes, the price. Would I repurchase? YES. Holy grail status for me UNTIL I find a product that is just as good but cheaper.



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