Isa Knox Cell Renew Cover Cushion

Before I got hooked on skincare, it was makeup for me. Always. And when I started with AB makeup, I started with cushions. I’ve accumulated quite a few of them through time and a lot of them were limited edition cases. I attribute that to low EQ (emotional quotient) and a huge case of FOMO (fear of missing out) 🤣

So let’s get on with the cushion! Here is the Isa Knox Cell Renew Cover Cushion. This was my first time trying out this brand so clearly, it was the limited edition packaging that got to me. How can you resist it though? Look at it! So pretty 😍

20161021_084309 copy

It comes in the usual round plastic cushion case. When I ordered this online, I was attracted to the cherry blossoms on the cover (I love cherry blossoms 🌸 ) but I was a bit underwhelmed because it was just a sticker over the case.

20160826_151902 copy

The sponge on the inside is a bit more porous compared to other cushions I’ve tried.

20161021_084345 copy

I got shade 21 because I figured I can always “warm” up my face with a bronzer or something. But surprise, surprise, shade 21 is a pretty close match. Just a tad lighter but doable and a shade I can work with.

20161021_084446 copy

As you can see in my photo below, the shade match is great! Medium, build-able coverage with a satin finish.

20161021_082243 copy

After about 4 hours of wear, it oxidized a bit, meaning the shade darkened a bit, so it became a perfect match for my skin! Oily areas (t-zone usually and a bit on the cheeks) has started showing but I think it looks ok still. Looks more natural. Some creasing around the nose and the chin also started showing but nothing blotting paper can’t fix.

Would I repurchase? Yes! As soon as I make a substantial dent on my cushion stash 😂


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