DIY Lip Palette

Don’t you just hate having to rummage through your bag whenever you’re looking for one lippie (out of 6? or 8?) Well, I do. So one day, I just decided to go out and buy for myself one of those pill cases and “de-pot” my some of my lippies just to lessen the quantity I carry around. So here’s a step by step on what I did:


Grab a candle, a spoon, your container, and lipsticks you want to (or are willing) to melt.

It would be helpful if you had one of those thin metal spatulas so that you can really get everything out. But since I couldn’t find mine, I just tried to get as much as I could with the tip of the spoon.


Hold the spoon over the candle and move it around until it melts. If you hold it too close to the flame, then it might burn and you don’t want that.


Once completely melted, quickly pour it in your container.


You have to do it quickly otherwise, it’ll start to harden and go back to its waxy consistency.


Repeat with your other lipsticks and just leave the container alone. Don’t move it around. I left mine overnight (also because I did my de-potting at night) and used it the next day.

Did the consistency change? Yes. Before I tinkered with them, these MAC lippies are extra creamy. Kinda like if a nourishing creamy lip balm (think Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment) and a cream lipstick had a baby, then that would be the consistency of these cremesheen lipsticks. But after messing around with them and melting them and all, they’re now more like satin lipsticks. Not as pigmented as before but still happy with them coz I now get to carry around 6 colors with me!


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