Rilakkuma x A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion Blusher

I went through a cushion phase sometime last year and one of my purchases was this cushion blusher from A’Pieu. Why? Well look at it! It’s Rila-freaking-kkuma! So cute!!!

So I went and got my self 2 shades — CR01 and PK01. I’ve only opened the CR01 coz I noticed that most (ok, not most but all) of my blushes are pinks. This will be my first peachy-orange one!

Let’s get on with the review!


It comes in the usual round plastic cushion casing and the cutest cushion puff!!! And Rilakkuma relaxing with Koiiroitori is the cutest thing ever!


Here’s the cushion puff at first press. Doesn’t look like it’s a lot but it’s definitely build-able.


And, this is it after a few pats but still from the first load in the puff. You’d think it’s light BUT careful. That’s what I thought too so I just started patting away without looking at the mirror. When I checked, I looked like an oompa-loompa!


Ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration but my cheeks were oh-range! But nothing a few more pats from my cushion couldn’t fix. The finish of the blusher is dewy which gives your cheeks a natural flush. But since I have oily skin, I had to matte it down with powder. As for longevity, it fades after 2 hours of wear and even faster for me if I blot my face every so often.

Would I repurhcase? Maybe not. While I love the packaging, I think I still prefer stains or powder blush over cushion blush. If I had dry skin, I’d probably enjoy this or if I were living in a place where it’s cold and my skin needs the extra moisture from makeup, then yes. But sadly I don’t so on to the next blusher.


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