CosRx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream

Recently, one of my favorite online sites, Jolse posted on their Instagram account that they were looking for 50 testers to try out the new Cosrx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream. And since I have yet to try a Cosrx product I did not LOOOOVE, of course I signed up and crossed my fingers. Some days had already passed and it had completely slipped my mind already UNTIL I saw them tag me in their post! Eeeeep! So excited! It totally made my day! Of course as soon as I saw the tag, I emailed them my details immediately!


I received my FULL SIZE (!!!) cream 4 days ago 😍  When I opened the box, first thing I thought of was ” how big is this cream?” So I unrolled the bubble wrap…and, it’s not a giant apparently. I guess Jolse just really wanted the cream to be in perfect condition. But that’s not a bad thing really coz you don’t really know how couriers handle those boxes.

So here is the cream and my first impressions on it…


Beautiful isn’t it? 😍  I mean, the packaging isn’t new to CosRx but there’s just something about a new product in a jar with minimal to zero gimmicky designs that screams “I’m letting the product speak for itself”.

Jolse sent the product without a box because I’m assuming CosRx wants the reviewers to try it out without knowing what the ingredients are so that the opinions and reviews will not be pre-conditioned or biased in any way. So here’s my honest opinion on it…


As soon as I got the jar, I opened it up right away and this white creamy concoction greeted me. Even though it did not come with a box to tell me what the ingredients are, as with all Cosrx labels, there’s a description on the side and this one says:

PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream designed for dry skin is formulated with PHA to help your skin appear smooth, dewy, and moisturized. 

I don’t have dry skin so I was at first a bit worried about that so I immediately tried some on my hand.

Goodness, it is so creamy! Those who are sensitive to fragrances or just don’t like it with their products would be happy to know this has none. It just smells…clean.

Grabbed my handy dandy skin analyzer and before applying the cream, moisture level was at 51.2% and after applying it, moisture level is now at 64%! But who’s to say that my handy dandy skin analyzer is accurate right? So what better way to test it than to experience it myself.

That same night I got the cream, I immediately incorporated it with my routine (which I will post about at length at another time) and kept it simple and fuss free.


  • SKII Facial Treatment Essence
  • The Ordinary Serums (Niacinamide+Zinc, Alpha Arbutin, and Caffeine Solution)
  • Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Eye Cream
  • CosRx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream
  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

At first application, the cream felt thick but not heavy. I can see how people with dry skin will appreciate it. It feels and is actually very moisturizing without feeling like your skin is suffocating. And even though I have oily (and most likely dehydrated) skin, my skin was pretty happy with it. After application, the cream was not absorbed immediately. It felt like there was a film of moisture sitting on top of it but it did not feel heavy at all. It felt kinda like the BHA Blackhead Power Cream but not as thick.  I was actually worried it would all rub off on my pillow since I’m a side sleeper. But when I woke up the next day, my face was not shiny. When I washed it, I noticed that it was a bit slippery. Like I just applied cream and decided to wash it off before it got absorbed.

After washing my face, OH. MY. GOODNESS. My face was soooooo smooth! It looked brighter. My red angry spot was less red and my skin looked more even. The second day, I used it again and woke up with the same results. So it wasn’t just a fluke lol! By the third day, I tried using it during daytime and my face felt too oily. Blame it on the summer heat.

By the third night, my husband informed me that he would like to try the cream because he’s seen how my skin is first thing in the morning! LOL! And this morning, his skin was smoother too! I’m so happy I got to try out this cream (I’m sure my husband is too 😂 ) and will definitely keep this in my routine! Don’t forget though, YMMV. Some oily skinned gals might not have the same experience I did but that’s what samples are for right?

The only CON with this product? I now have to grab the cream from his side of the room.

Would I repurchase? YES! Thank goodness Jolse sent it for me to try but even if they didn’t, I would still purchase it because it’s by one of my favorite brands.

I hear it will be available for purchase at the end of the month.


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