SkinFactory Premium Night Solution

One of the other goodies sent by Skin Factory was their Premium Night Solution.


Looking at it, I was expecting a dual step sheet mask, like many other sheets masks packed this way.


Flipped it over, and of course there were no english translations. Google translate can only do so much you know so I went ahead and opened it.


I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw this creamy looking thing and a pad similar to those of Neogen’s. And yes, only then did I google the product and saw that it’s a peeling gel! Duh. When in doubt, google. lol!

Took the pad out and with the rough side, I applied it in circular motions on my just cleansed face. It started pilling almost immediately and I actually had to do this over the sink because they were all over the place! Once the peeling gel was used up, I even opened up the packet just to get everything out.


Some peeling gel was still stuck on the inside and of course, I scraped everything out and used it up. Once I saw that I’ve used up allllll the product, I flipped over the pad and used the smooth side to wipe my face. Rinsed my face and wow, it felt sooooo smooth! And I also noticed that my skin brightened a bit although it felt tighter than usual. I guess that’s from the combination of the gommage AND the pad.

I then proceeded with my skincare routine where I put toner first, my essence then opened up the “Step 2” packet.


Once again there were no english instructions but the front of the packet says Hydra Ampoule so I figured it’s a moisturizing ampoule and looking at the ingredients, it even has niacinamide!


So of course I ripped it open and poured some of it out buuuut…

To my surprise, it’s more like a gel type than a viscous liquid. I even tried tilting my hand to see if it would flow down but it wasn’t budging.

Then I grabbed my handy dandy skin analyzer and here are the results. Moisture level went up from 32% to 54%!

Applied it on my face and it felt very moisturizing indeed. It felt like I was soothing my skin after all the “scrubbing” I did. It was absorbed pretty well and there was no stickiness despite it being thicker than the usual ampoule. This would actually be perfect to bring along if you were traveling because it’s definitely spill proof and you get to exfoliate and moisturize.

Would I repurchase? Yes, definitely. Even though this was provided by Skin Factory, these are my honest opinions and are in no way biased 😘


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