The Faceshop Designing Browcara Mascara


Even since I started having my hair colored lighter than usual, my brows always get left behind. They end up becoming too dark specially when I do them so I sometimes bleach them just so they lighten a bit and when I fill them in, they come out just right.

One day, I decided to bleach them. Just like always, I applied the facial hair bleaching product (I use the Sally Hansen facial bleaching cream) on my brows and grabbed my phone to pass the time. BUUUUUT sh!t and stupidity happens… (1) I forgot to set a timer and (2) I got distracted so this is what happened:


Yep, over bleached brows. It actually looks worse in person. If I’m a few feet feom the mirror, I look like I don’t have brows. I tried filling them in but it’s the actual strands of hair that are blonde ergo it wasn’t working. So of course I ran to the nearest Etude House so I could grab some brow mascara but of course they only have the lightest one available. Then I went to Faceshop and that’s when I met their Designing Browcara Mascara (Php345 or about $7).

As soon as I paid for this little bad boy, I immediately brushed it on my brows and voila! My brows are back 😂

The spooley brush is about half an inch long and tapers as it goes down the tip. I got the shade 05 Dark Brown and it’s a nice chocolate brown. The spooley coats each strand of hair nicely and the tip lets you shape your brows more precisely.


Would I repurchase? While I hope I won’t have need for a dark one to coat my overbleached brows, I would definitely purchase the other shades!



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