NARS Matte Multiple 

A while back, Nars came out with a matte cream blusher which I immediately grabbed because I’ve always had a good experience with their blushers. And since I have oily skin, I went with the matte version in the shade Laos.


I looooove Nars packaging because they’re so simple yet elegant, letting the product speak for itself. But of course, they end up becoming a hot mess. For some reason they just end up acting like a magnet for all the makeup residue in your kit and in about a week, it’s no longer just black. I’ve learned to accept that about their packaging but this one of their multiple is just waaaay worse.


It started with one small crack and it just kept multiplying 😭😭 Why Nars?? Why?

But anyway, here’s Laos!


It’s a nice reddish hue that works as well on your cheeks as it does on your lips.


When applied, it goes on creamy with a slight “mousse” feel but is very spreadable and so easy to blend. It’s definitely matte so I love how it looks like when I put it on. It can also be easily blended with a beauty blender or just your fingers.

In terms of staying power, it starts to fade after about 2-3 hours. I would love to tote this around in my bag to reapply but I don’t want the cap to disintegrate 😐

Would I repurchase? Most likely no unless they improve their packaging. Please do something about this Nars 😓


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