K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint

Ever since I accidentally over-bleached my eyebrows, I’ve been on an eyebrow phase. And ever since Etude House came out with their tint, I’ve been so curious to try it so when I saw that K-Palette had their own version of this, I knew I had to have one coz I love their eyebrow pens and liquid liners and figured, how bad could it be? So when I saw a Beauty Bar (like our version of Sephora except not as huge), I grabbed my tint, paid for it (Php895), and here it is!


It comes with 2 stencils too! One has a slight arch and is labeled natural while the other as cool.


The back of the box says that you’re supposed to leave it on for 2 hours (!!!) For better results or even overnight!


So as soon as it was time for my night time routine, I decided to pull it out and try it before starting.

It comes in a tube type packaging and the tint itself is stringy and sticky. Kinda like glue. The longer it’s exposed to air, it dries up and it gets stringier.


Now it comes in 3 shades (01, 02, and 03) and I went with shade 02. Shade 01 is a little too yellow for my liking and shade 03 is a bit too warm.


I oh-so carefully applied it without the stencil and I like how the brush easily (and cleanly) “painted” the gel on. I didn’t make it very thick, just the right amount. Bottom photo is after 2hours of waiting and me peeling it off. I struggled a bit trying to peel them off but no hair was pulled out, thank goodness! Of course, after peeling off the tint from BOTH brows did I bother to read THE REST of the instructions. It was only then that I found out that you’re supposed to peel it from the start of your brows 😓


Here is the final result! Top photo is my bare brow with traces of the over bleaching accident still visible (aka blonde hair strands).  The bottom photo shows the just peeled off tint.  It actually looks like I have product on! Except of course for the part with no hair 🙈 but nothing pencil can’t fix. And the blonde strands can be fixed by brow mascara.

All in all, pretty good experience with this product. I’ll use it again once my brow hairs are back to their natural color and update you guys!


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