Trying out 2 Ever Bilena Lip Tints

I recently did a review on Skin Factory’s Magic Lip Essence Tint, which has not left my bag since having received it. I’m not sure where to order it once my tube runs out so until then, here I am again, looking for dupes.

Enter the Ever Bilena Advance Bitten Lips and the Ever Bilena Evera Lip Glow. These retail for about Php 150-180 each so VERY cheap. But is the quality cheap as well?


Let’s start first with the Evera Lip Glow. The packaging of this actually reminds me of the Smashbox O-Glow which is one of the very first lip gloss tints I’ve tried.



They look so similar right?


It comes in the typical tube gloss packaging where the plastic tip where the gloss comes out is slanted for easy application. It comes out clear and turns pink after a few seconds.


Unlike the usual gloss, the consistency of this is much thicker. Not like petroleum jelly thick but feels more “gel” type. And it’s much stickier. It doesn’t become as pink as I want it to be but instead turns into a light pink shade.

Moving on…


Next is the Advance Bitten Lips. This one comes in a white tube type packaging similar to the Lip Glow and also has a slanted plastic tip where the gloss comes out.


Similar to the first one, this also comes out clear and turns pink after a while. But unlike the Lip Glow, this is even thicker and isn’t as shiny looking as it comes out of the tube.


Just look at the swatches about and you’ll see what I mean. The swatch on the right is the Lip Glow (background tube shows which one it is) while the grainy looking swatch on the left is the Bitten Lips. See the difference? I’m not sure why the textures are different. I guess so you feel like you’re actually buying a different gloss? Is that it?

Now let’s compare it to the Skin Factory gloss…


The tubes in the background indicate which swatch is what. The Skin Factory gloss has a thinner consistency and compared to the other two, has a “glossier” texture.


Here they are after about 3 minutes on my hand. In terms of turning pink, the Bitten Lips had the darkest tint.


What is this photo and why does it look weird? Well after swatching them, I was going to wash my hands and as I put it under running water, I saw the water just slide off the tints. So I turned the water off immediately and dabbed it with tissue. And as you can see, the Skin Factory one is the most pink tint among the 3. See how grainy the texture of the Bitten Lips is? So. Weird.


Then I proceeded with wiping it off with tissue to see which tint stays and surprisingly, it’s the Bitten Lips.

Which one would I purchase? I would still get the Skin Factory one because I like its texture on my lips BUT if you have no access to it and you’re looking for a REALLY cheap alternative, then the Ever Bilena ones are good enough. Which of the two though? I would go with the Bitten Lips despite its weird grainy texture because it delivers more color. What’s the point of putting on a lip tint if you don’t get any tint from it right?



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