Laneige BB Whitening Cushion

I love makeup. I started with Western makeup then later on discovered Asian makeup and I’ve been obsessed since. For face makeups, I started with BB creams because they gave me the coverage I wanted but did not feel heavy aaaand they’re good for your skin! THEN I got into cushions. They came in a compact and were convenient to carry with you so you can retouch anytime! It was like jumping into a rabbit hole. They always release limited edition versions and the addiction goes on…

Here’s one of those limited edition cushion cases that I could not pass up. It’s Laneige’s Holiday Edition Milky Way Fantasy collection BB Whitening Cushion.


Just look at that and tell me how you can resist it. It comes is such a gorgeous packaging! The colors, the shimmer, and the way the colors just seamlessly and beautifully blend together….ok I’m gonna stop gushing now.



What I noticed with Korean cushions is that they have a pretty high SPF (SPF 50 PA+++!!!) BUT PLEASE DON’T SKIP THE SUNBLOCK. Like most cushions, this one uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as UV blockers so that explains the slight white cast we get from cushions. So it’s always important to choose the right shade for you.


This cushion’s sponge comes in a unique diamond pattern and isn’t like the usual plain sponge of others. I’m not really sure what it’s for but it’s pretty. You don’t have to press down hard to get product but of course in time as you use it, it starts to run out. They say that it’s best to store your cushions upside down so that the product naturally goes to the top of the cushion sponge when you use it — which I still don’t do do btw because it takes up SOOOO much space lol!


It comes with the usual Laneige sponge that’s blue and latex-y but soft. For some reason, Koreans do cushion puffs well. I’ve tried the Maybelline cushion in the past and their sponge was not nice. It flattened out after several uses and was no longer puffy or springy, like it absorbed a lot of product and felt heavy upon use.

So let’s put it to the test…

The grayish line is my Faceshop eyebrow pencil, and the two other lines are MAC lip liners. Middle photo is with 1 layer. As you can see, the peachy liner is almost completely covered up and the fuschia liner is about 80% covered up. Blacks and grays are harder to cover so it’s pretty understandable that the eye brow pencil won’t be completely covered up yet. After about 2 layers of the cushion,  you can see that the peachy liner is completely covered up, the fuchsia one about 95%, and the gray pencil at 85%. Pretty good coverage I think.

Now let’s see it applied on the face…


I know what you’re thinking — isn’t shade 13 too light? Well, I’m usually a shade 21 when it comes to cushions but with my first Laneige BB cushion, shade 21 oxidized on me after an about an hour. So this time around I went with their lightest shade, No.13 Ivory and will just apply my Laneige cushions earlier.

As you can see, the first photo is without the cushion. But I do have concealer under my eyes, tint on my lips and, brows filled in. The second photo is with the cushion already. Now the freckles on my cheekbones are pretty the same on both sides meaning I have them on both. You can still see though some acne scars and blemishes. I applied more than just one layer here because the finish is very light.


It is also more dewy than I would prefer. My skin is already oily and I live in a hot and humid country so there’s only so much shiny I can take. Call it dewy or what, but I can’t handle too dewy cushions but I also don’t want an extremely matte face. I much prefer those satin finish cushions because they give me just the right amount of “glow”.

This cushion is also a bit sticky, kinda like the FaceShop Moisture cushions, but of course nothing’s as tacky as those. Not sure if it’s our weather but it’s tacky and I can’t. I just can’t. If the weather was drier and much colder, I can see the appeal of this and how I might be reaching for this more often but since that’s not the case, I guess I will be finishing this with a loose powder.


Would I repurchase? Nope and thank goodness I already have the pretty case. But I am willing to try the Pore Control version. If it’s on sale. I don’t want to waste an extra hour waiting for my cushion to oxidize just so it would match my skin.


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