Heimish Dailism Waterdrop Lip Tint

When Heimish first launched in 2016, everyone was raving about it. I was one of those who bought several items from them to try. I recently reviewed their All Clean Balm here and now up next are their Lip Tints. I have 2 shades out of the 6 in their Waterdrop Lip Tint collection. These … Continue reading Heimish Dailism Waterdrop Lip Tint


Trying out 2 Ever Bilena Lip Tints

I recently did a review on Skin Factory's Magic Lip Essence Tint, which has not left my bag since having received it. I'm not sure where to order it once my tube runs out so until then, here I am again, looking for dupes. Enter the Ever Bilena Advance Bitten Lips and the Ever Bilena … Continue reading Trying out 2 Ever Bilena Lip Tints